Last updated March 12, 2024. The terms of service and privacy policy may change without further notice. For clarity, this website is represented as its own entity referred to as "we", "us" or "our".

Terms of Service

The website's material and code is provided to you "as-is". Users may not abuse our site by sending harmful or insulting content, or attempting to disrupt it through means such as DDOS attacks or spam.

AI Usage Notice

Text, posts and images in galleries do not contain any AI-generated content. Content solely used as a decorative element (e.g. background images) may be AI-generated.

Privacy Policy

We aim to respect the privacy of our site's visitors and keep our privacy policy as short and concise as possible. The main points are as follows.

For additional specifics, please continue reading.


At any point, we may decide to use analytics software to collect information. This information may be used to determine how the website is performing, or to protect us from malicious actors. Analytics software that is currently in use will be listed below.


We use Vercel to collect information in the form of "data points". The recording of data points is anonymous and no information is stored or collected that would allow us or Vercel to indentify a user. The below information is contained within a data point.

Collected ValueExample Value
Network Speed4g (or slow-2g, 2g, 3g)
BrowserChrome 86 (Blink)
Device TypeMobile (or Desktop/Tablet)
Device OSAndroid 10
Web VitalFCP 1.0s
Server-Received Event Time2020-10-29 09:06:30

As the data cannot be used to identify any particular person, we are unable to process requests regarding the deletion of such data. More information regarding how Vercel handles data can be found in their privacy policy. Please note that not everything will apply to the analytics component of their service.


We collect the information you send using our contact forms to facillate communication. The data we receive is the data you entered into the form, which may include names or e-mail addresses. We may use a third-party to deliver the data you enter in the form to us. If such a third party is used, we will provide a notice and a link to the third-party's privacy policy with the form.

Please note that our privacy policy policy only applies to communication that occurs through the website. Communication that occurs outside of the website is subject to the privacy policy of the communication platform in use.


We may utilise external mapping services such as Google Maps to provide you with an interactive map.


To provide you with location-specific features, such as showing you directions, we may request the current location of your device. We will always ask for explicit permission. This location is never sent to or stored by us. If external mapping services are used, the coordinates of this location may be relayed for the purpose of displaying the location on a map, without the context of the coordinates representing your current location.