Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity in which participants use a GPS receiver or mobile device to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches", at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world. It combines elements of hiking, problem solving, and navigation, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Participants log their finds and often leave trinkets or notes in the caches they find, creating a global network of treasure hunters and a sense of community. Statistics

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GCABB2TLimburg. Netherlands24-04-06 Zonnetjes wandelroute 1.2
GCABB18Limburg. Netherlands24-04-06 Zonnetjes wandelroute 1.0
GCABB35Limburg. Netherlands24-04-06 Zonnetjes wandelroute 1.4
GCABB27Limburg. Netherlands24-04-06 Zonnetjes wandelroute 1.1
GCAB0HHLimburg. Netherlands24-04-06 Dennenappel in het veld
GCABB44Limburg. Netherlands24-04-06 Zonnetjes wandelroute 1.8
GCABB3XLimburg. Netherlands24-04-06 Zonnetjes wandelroute 1.7
GC9NPGANiedersachsen. Germany24-02-03 "Fischen verboten" Stadtwald Tradi 6
GC7B9EPNordrhein-Westfalen. Germany23-09-28 Kaiserwagen
GC5B4ANordrhein-Westfalen. Germany23-09-25 Portal to the Past (Köln)
GC7B9BANordrhein-Westfalen. Germany23-09-05 :Dä Boom!
GC7B7AVBayern. Germany23-08-22 Die Kunst des Einrahmens ... [DE/EN]
GCHNBFBayern. Germany23-08-18 The heart of munich
GC1RGZPNordrhein-Westfalen. Germany23-07-25 Aachener Thermalwasser
GC7B89GNordrhein-Westfalen. Germany23-07-25 So ein Puppentheater!
GCA784CLimburg. Netherlands23-07-10 Wegkruis uit 1890
GCA5M8CLimburg. Netherlands23-07-10 Feldbissbreuklijn ----- Viel
GC92Z9VLimburg. Netherlands23-07-10 Snoopy@Bèngelder Minibieb
GCA5HZPLimburg. Netherlands23-07-10 Feldbissbreuklijn ----- Oetzich op Bèngelder
GCA64Q0Noord-Brabant. Netherlands23-06-29 02#Michelle60
GC772Y2Noord-Brabant. Netherlands23-06-29 #1 Trail BL150
GC8XDCYNoord-Holland. Netherlands23-05-19 Het eetbare plantsoen , The edible park
GC7ZWB9Noord-Holland. Netherlands23-05-19 Amsterdam #11
GC5K1KWNoord-Holland. Netherlands23-05-19 Behind the Monument
GC7B91NFriesland. Netherlands23-05-14 11Fountains (Virtual Reward)
GC7XX4FLimburg. Netherlands23-05-10 DE ENTREE VAN AMSTENRADE
GC9X18QLimburg. Netherlands23-05-07 Lulu's micro
GCA5698Limburg. Netherlands23-05-07 Waterput Merkelbeek
GC9CN8DLimburg. Netherlands23-05-05 Janskamper & Bandkeramiekers 1
GCA64YYLimburg. Netherlands23-05-04 Geen Limiet (weg)
GCA4PWRLimburg. Netherlands23-05-04 Stop, log en door!
GCA6HY5Limburg. Netherlands23-05-04 Wegkruis uit 1817
GCA6MZ1Limburg. Netherlands23-05-04 De stroomkast 269⚡
GC7Y4A3Limburg. Netherlands23-05-04 In gen Veld
GC6V8JHLimburg. Netherlands23-05-04 BIE ANNIE OP 'T BENKSKE
GCA143VLimburg. Netherlands23-05-04 Giu's Box
GC5R9RHCataluña. Spain23-04-29 Descobrint Girona # Església del Mercadal.
GC3W1NYCataluña. Spain23-04-28 El Castellet de Garraf
GC2192BCataluña. Spain23-04-27 Improvisado #2 Montjuïc- Rincón de paz
GC1Z7VZLimburg. Netherlands23-04-21 Werken met wind en water (2)
GC905FRNoord-Brabant. Netherlands23-04-03 TR6
GC9BEHQNoord-Brabant. Netherlands23-04-03 TR10
GC8WJJ8Noord-Brabant. Netherlands23-04-03 TR4
GCA6NZALimburg. Netherlands23-04-03 🍴🌾Picknick stop 🌾🍴
GC98CYVNoord-Brabant. Netherlands23-04-03 TR7
GCA6028Limburg. Netherlands23-03-31 Mariakapel Vaesrade ⭐
GC793JFLimburg. Netherlands23-03-31 De Droepnaas
GC6WR83Limburg. Netherlands23-03-24 Met STIP op de kaart: Sittard
GC91KFNLimburg. Netherlands23-03-24 Zitterse Volkstuintjes
GC7G72CLimburg. Netherlands23-03-19 kEinstein in het groen
GC8DTCDNoord-Brabant. Netherlands23-03-13 Young Scholars 3.0
GC74N3HLimburg. Netherlands23-03-12 Vind het aapje.
GC8ATJFLimburg. Netherlands23-03-12 Trash #6
GC8AV34Limburg. Netherlands23-03-12 Trash #8
GCA54WXLimburg. Netherlands23-03-11 Flynn's box
GCA2GCTLimburg. Netherlands23-03-11 Vlinder Box 🦋
GC5TB5WLimburg. Netherlands23-03-11 De Janssenmeule
GCA0QCELimburg. Netherlands23-01-05 Den Box
GCA13NTLimburg. Netherlands23-01-05 Slakkie slak box
GCA3AT0Limburg. Netherlands23-01-03 Patricia's box
GC6JWZTSchleswig-Holstein. Germany22-11-12 Ostsee Trail - 135,0ter km - Kastanie
GC70NDBSchleswig-Holstein. Germany22-11-11 Ostsee Trail - 134ter km - Strandeule
GC9WCXKDenmark22-10-02 Verdens Lande - Ihr Traumreiseziel?
GC92QAGDenmark22-10-02 Kirkeby Plantage
GC747GZDenmark22-10-02 Camping forbudt
GC8X9FEDenmark22-10-01 Rømø Tidevandet
GC5Y9Y1Nordrhein-Westfalen. Germany22-09-16 Yeti's Trainspotting Spot
GCKPV2Overijssel. Netherlands22-09-04 Duivels-Cache
GCK780Hamburg. Germany22-08-13 the river
GC83NG0Niedersachsen. Germany22-07-29 Jesteburg C48
GC83NF9Niedersachsen. Germany22-07-29 Jesteburg C46
GC83NF8Niedersachsen. Germany22-07-29 Jesteburg C42
GC83KG7Niedersachsen. Germany22-07-29 Jesteburg C43
GC83NFENiedersachsen. Germany22-07-29 Jesteburg C47
GC83NENNiedersachsen. Germany22-07-28 Jesteburg C38
GC83NEXNiedersachsen. Germany22-07-28 Jesteburg C39
GC83NF2Niedersachsen. Germany22-07-28 Jesteburg C40
GC86Y2ALimburg. Netherlands22-07-25 Dutch Hills 7
GC9X0BPLimburg. Netherlands22-07-19 Peter's box
GC563JQZeeland. Netherlands22-07-16 Leeuwentrap Vlissingen
GC2H9GNNordrhein-Westfalen. Germany22-07-13 zo maar allweer een kruis - tb & coin hotel
GC8BGENLimburg. Netherlands22-07-08 Zoetste straatje in het centrum van Geleen
GC3XHXTNordrhein-Westfalen. Germany22-07-07 Die letzte Lore!
GC92QN6Limburg. Netherlands22-07-06 Simon says
GC9WM5DLimburg. Netherlands22-07-06 Parade 2022
GC3FG1QNoord-Brabant. Netherlands22-07-05 Strijp U
GC68PKZNoord-Brabant. Netherlands22-07-05 Het Houten Huis
GC9P01RNoord-Brabant. Netherlands22-07-05 Coco Loco
GC3Y3V2Limburg. Netherlands22-07-03 De grenspaal 01
GC83A17Limburg. Netherlands22-07-02 Tussen Oësjbik en Doonder
GC8BHVPLimburg. Netherlands22-07-02 Sjoon Oësjbik
GC9TRE3Limburg. Netherlands22-07-02 Communie 2022 data is updated manually whereas Opencaching data is automatically fetched periodically. The heatmaps are provided by GC-Project, only reflect data from and are updated automatiocally once a week. Detailed data, recently found caches or caches that were registered on other websites can be found on my Geocaching profiles.

Travel Bugs

Travel Bugs are trackable items used in geocaching that have a unique tracking number engraved on them. Participants place the travel bugs in caches and log their movements online, allowing them to track the progress of the bugs as they are carried from cache to cache by other geocachers. Some travel bugs have specific goals, such as visiting a certain location or traveling a set distance, and geocachers can help facilitate these goals by moving the bugs along and logging their movements. Travel bugs can be any small item, such as a keychain, toy or small trinket, and serve as a fun way to add an extra level of excitement and challenge to the game of geocaching. Below is a list of Travel Bugs that were released by me.